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Visit 3Q Now for competitive quotes Systems Although having come about in the early 90s VoIP technology only became recognised in the corporate world in the last six or seven years. The reason for this is that it is only recently that the technology has become so useful an option. The advantages of VoIP (Voice Over IP) systems are not unknown to us all, they are highly scalable, they have very low costs, high call quality and they are easily adaptable to a companies specific needs.

The only real drawback with IP PABX systems is that they’re computer server based and we all know that computers can be high maintenance and have are susceptible to crashing. 

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Although lacking many features common to more modern PABX Systems key system units’ weaknesses are offset by their reliability and durability, as well as the ease with which everyone can learn to use them. They are ideal for small offices with between 5 and 50 employees. TBM PABX Systems The most common systems present in offices with more than 50 employees, the TBM PABXs were first introduced in the 70s and 80s.

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Hybrid PABX Systems Basically a hybrid system is a TBM PABX system that has been upgraded to support VoIP capabilities. Visit this site with a resource of information about PABX Switchboards in South Africa A company that has a TBM PABX system would usually have invested a great deal of it’s resources into the acquisition of the system and as such are often loathe to replace them with more modern VoIP-based systems, preferring to upgrade them and get the longest lifespan possible.

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